About Us

If You're Busy:

Banas Web Design is a Western Mass web design agency that does the following:

We do all of this while offering the best customer service you’ll find. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. 

Sounds great, right? 

If You've Got a Minute:

Banas Web Design is a small-town agency with big city quality. We’re based out of Montague, Massachusetts and our focus is on helping small-to-medium sized, Western Mass businesses step into the modern era where everyone checks websites, reviews and social media before making purchases.

What We Do

We build websites, but along with this comes designing, launching, optimizing and supporting those websites. A website is no longer something you purchase and forget about. In order to have an effective digital presence in the 20’s, it requires ongoing work.

How We Do It - The process, refined.

  1. We build most of our websites with WordPress because we believe in Open-Source software, but even more than that we believe WordPress is the most extensible, verbose, supported platform. With that said, we understand others might not feel the same, and we do have experience in Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and Webflow.
  2. Our project manager works with clients to understand their brand’s needs. We then have a briefing where the project manager relays the all necessary information to the creative team and we get to crafting your custom web solution!
  3. When it comes to launching WordPress sites, we’ve refined a process based on years of website migrations and launches to ensure the quickest, most painless launch process possible.
  4. We spend more time and resources optimizing our websites than we do building them. Seriously. If you’re site is not fast, technically sound and secure, Google will not show it. 
  5. Lastly, our bread-and-butter, we offer ongoing technical support to our clients. One month we might be adding a calendar to your site, the next month we might be helping you launch a Google Ads campaign, or sometimes we’re logging on at 2am to get your site back up. We’ve got your back.

Our Philosophy

We believe the best websites are

  1. Valuable
  2. Fast
  3. Professional
  4. Accessible


A website is a long-term investment in your business, it should offer a serious ROI over the course of its life. If you’re website is not generating leads, increasing brand awareness, helping customers find you or selling your products you are doing it wrong. We think of websites less like works of art, and more like machines whose job is to do all the things mentioned above.


You’ve experienced slow websites, we all have. It’s not good. According to websitebuilderexpert.com pages that have a loading time higher than 2 seconds experience a bounce-rate (people leaving) of 39%! That’s compared to 9% under 2 seconds. So yeah, website performance is KEY to your success, and at Banas Web Design we make sure your site is fast – it’s in our slogan. 


We used to say “beautiful” but then we realized that it’s not about beauty, it’s about presenting a professional face to the world. We continue to believe that “presentation equals perceived quality”. People have a very keen sense for detecting sloppiness, and that is something we desperately try to avoid. A good website shows customers that your business is put together, trustworthy, competent and ready to serve!


Every person deserves equal access to the internet. A good website is accessible to those with impaired vision and hearing, motor disabilities, cognitive disabilities and limited internet bandwidth. We work from day one to make sure our customer’s websites are accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our designers make sure the contrast is high enough and the fonts are large enough. Our developers make sure all of our content is navigable via a screenreader. Our navigations are always clean and easy to use, and finally our sites are not massive. 

Let's Build Something Amazing Together!

Give us a ring and let us know how we can help you reach your goals. Or if you’d like, start a chat. We’re usually available 9-5 EST. We try to respond to every inquiry within one business day.